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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. Changing the way people learn, lead, and interact by transforming employees into ambassadors, business into an experience, managers into leaders, and training into impactful learning. We trigger companies to work collectively to create memorable experiences.  Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at Victor Residenz Hotels.

InProve Mystery Shopping

The Challenge

In 2004, Victor’s Residenz Hotels was looking for a Mystery Call provider in Germany to help them ensure a consistent handling of bookings within their 13 hotels in Germany.

The Solution

Together with the InProve team the Victor’s Residenz Hotels launched a Mystery Call Program in 2004 to monitor the performance of their reservation agents and front office clerks based on their defined internal procedures.

The Result

As a result of the Mystery Call Program, the employees today show a consistent performance and excellent selling skills within the reservation departments as well as the front office team.

  • Continuous cooperation since 2004
  • Over 300 Mystery calls since 2004 for the reservation and front office team


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About Victor’s Residenz Hotels

Victor’s – A strong brand

Since 1996, Victor’s Residenz Hotels have stood for luxurious comfort, impeccable service and welcoming hospitality. And each of our hotels has its own unique characters (just like our guest, in fact). Because here at Victor’s, throughout the organization, it’s personality that counts.

Company Credo

The Victor’s brand stands, quite literally, for victors. For winners. The winners being our guests, whichever one of our 13 hotels they visit. Because each hotel fulfils Victor’s promise. Our guests feel warmly welcome and well looked after. They feel we are glad to see them. because they are the focus of everything we do. When our guests have a pleasant stay, they will look forward to coming back again. That’s why we act with passion, commitment and dedication to hospitality. And why we do everything in our power to ensure guests leave here not just satisfied, but delighted.