The Innovation Show Podcast with Aidan McCullen & Andre Wiringa

The Innovation Show is a weekly show interviewing leaders in their fields. Authors, renowned professors, inventors, innovators, change-makers, and mavericks. To inspire, educate, and inform the business world and the curious.

In this week’s episode: Andre Wiringa, CXO / Managing Partner at Start Reverse. Author of “Start Reverse to go Beyond Customer Satisfaction“. In this must-listen chat, Andre tells us about the philosophy of starting in reverse.  Flipping marketing on its head and start “customering”. Customering means starting with the customer every touchpoint of your brand.

Andre tells us this means empowering your people and including them as main vehicles to the customer. We talk about experience economy, in-store experience, business as theatre, leaders as directors, and workers as cast members. We chat about the purpose economy. Including how we must have our own personal purpose to align with that of an organization. Andre tells us about EPIC leadership, game-changing brands, game-changer principles, and thinking in 5D.

About The Innovation Show

The show exists to enable people to be fully informed to lead better lives. Lives packed with meaning. While it focusses on corporate culture and workplace, it aims to help people in their personal purpose as partners, parents and people.

Innovation is not about just technology. It is about fundamental change. We need to change in order to adapt to a new world order. This show covers change in every form, mindset, education reform, critical thinking skills, leadership, organizational development, future trends and fundamental shifts in technology.

About The Host

Aidan McCullen created “The Innovation Show” in recognition of the need for a show that covers innovation topics in depth. Aidan specifically makes the show about the guest and is driven by the curiosity of every topic covered. Do you want to be the first one to hear about innovation topics? Subscribe to The Innovation Show

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