become an associate

become an associate

At Start Reverse we work with a growing network of Associates. Associates are ‘intrapreneurs’, legally independent yet working with the tight team of Start Reverse. Our mission together, transforming the way people learn, lead and (inter)act.

At Start Reverse we work on many international assignments for European, Asian, North American and global clients. After a centralized kick-off and concept development, multinational roll-outs are more rule than exception. We prefer to engage our Associates first for such cool opportunities.

what’s in it for you

Be part of a fast growing, leading training and consultancy organization.

With an amazing, ambitious, STAR crew.

And a FREE working climate/culture.


Our Associates will have full access to our proven certification programs and Reverse Academy training (including scripted programs, slide decks with speaker notes, models, principles, slide decks, pre- and post-workshop assignments, etc.).

is that you?

Does the above sound good to you? Interested in finding out if you and Start Reverse are a good match? Let’s talk! Send your application to

an idea for
a better

We are always happy to welcome talented new people to the Start Reverse family. If you do not see the ideal job opening, but you know you would be a perfect match, let us know! Describe your ideal job position and explain how this can contribute to our purpose of bringing relevance to the world.

Is that you?

Did all of this make your heart jump a little and are you dreaming of what this new challenge would look like? Let’s talk! Send your application to

INTERESTED IN becoming a facilitator?

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20 Oct EPIC Leadership certification

Get EPIC certified in 6 half day online workshops

01 Nov experience STARs certification

Get STAR certified in 4 half day online workshops