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Do you have a passion for project management? Do you love to be part of a dynamic international team, and an inspiring culture? Are you a team player with education and experience in efficiently managing several ideal customer journeys at the same time? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

In the role of Senior Project Manager, you are the senior point of contact and responsible for the overall progress of the projects. You optimize client and team member engagement by keeping a close eye on the progress, milestones, KPI’s and desired result of projects.

Next to that, you love to optimize sourcing and planning, and assigning the best team members for all of our projects around the globe.

What if you could:

  • transform training into reverse learning
  • transform customers & participants into happy fans
  • transform co-workers into brand ambassadors
  • could coach & guide our project management crew/community

Everything we do is based on the Start Reverse philosophy and methodology. As ideal candidate, you totally get the needs of strong global brands.

You are responsible for:

what’s in it for you

You will be part of an EPIC team: Empowering, Purpose-Driven, Inspiring and Coaching.

You will be part of a ‘blue ocean’ consultancy group. *

You will enjoy a FREE working climate/culture: Fun, Relevant, Energizing and Engaging.

You can expect a steep learning curve, leading to rapid personal growth.

*Unique in our consultancy, concepts, designs, methodologies, implementation, and impact measurement. Setting us apart from mainstream consultants.

The perfect match:

is this you?

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an idea for
a better

We are always happy to welcome talented new people to the Start Reverse family. If you do not see the ideal job opening, but you know you would be a perfect match, let us know! Describe your ideal job position and explain how this can contribute to our purpose of bringing relevance to the world.

Is that you?

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