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Amsterdam, 24 September 2020

André Wiringa announced today the launch of Start Reverse, with a clear purpose: Bringing Relevance to the World. “The corona outbreak has made perfectly clear how important it is to be relevant. Many companies are going out of business, as a result of a shift in business patterns and/or legislation. Covid-19 has accelerated the obsolescence of many companies and entire sectors. If you are not or no longer relevant now, you need to make sure that you (re)find your relevance soon,” says Wiringa, founder of Start Reverse BV in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Andre Wiringa also was the founder of Performance Solutions, which had to transform and reinvent its relevance as well. Wiringa is the developer of the REVERSE Thinking & Engineering approach, which has been applied for and by many award winning brands, such as Accor Hotels, adidas, Calvin Klein, citizenM Hotels, IKEA, KLM, KPN, Le Pain Quotidien, Mazda, Microsoft, Rove Hotels, Schiphol Airport, Tommy Hilfiger, WorldHotels and many others.

REVERSE Thinking is the core of Start Reverse BV, and helps organizations/brands, teams and individuals answer important questions such as ‘what is our/my relevance’, ‘why do we/I matter’, ‘what is our/my destination’. A Reverse journey starts with creating a Relevance Blueprint, which is a one-pager with purpose (why), identity (who), essence of business (what & how), as well as intended experience in max 4 key words, optimal interaction at point of experience, and optimal working climate and leadership. This blueprint serves as compass for strategy development and implementation.

A Relevance Blueprint always starts with a purpose statement, now more relevant than ever. This is important for start-ups, new brands and basically every company.

“Companies (and leaders) working with a purpose might need to redefine and/or reinvent their purpose, if they are operating in a changing context. “Think for instance of how the context of shopping has changed, although not every retailer has redefined its purpose and approach. Which explains why many previously successful retail chains have lost or are losing their reason for being,” says Wiringa.

“Many restaurant and hotel chains will have to reinvent themselves, if they don’t want to go out of business. New relevance needs to be found and new business models need to be created. Successful brands like Zoku have found ways to up their relevance, also in times of crisis. Hybrid hospitality seems to be one of the answers for many players in hospitality and real estate to stay relevant and profitable,” according to Wiringa.

“In principle the same applies to airlines and airports, who will have to redefine their purpose and develop new ways of staying relevant, post-corona. And how can large automotive networks with hundreds or thousands of dealers stay relevant, or become relevant (again)? What can be additional reasons to still go to a dealer, now and when corona is nothing more than a memory?” states Wiringa.

“The REVERSE methodology is being applied in all parts of the world. Several global awards have been won with and by partners, bringing the blueprint to life without compromise. Every day on every touchpoint, which generally starts by transforming culture and leadership,” says Wiringa.

Start Reverse chosen B.3 as location, part of B. Amsterdam, Europe’s largest start-up eco- system.

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