Employee Engagement: Transform your Co-workers into Brand Ambassadors

Employee Engagement is the main driver for great customer experience. Research from Gallup shows that only 13% of all employees worldwide are truly engaged at work. It also shows that companies with engaged employees perform up to 200% better than those without.

Transform Co-workers into Brand Ambassadors

Beyond simply wanting to support your staff, businesses actually do better when employees are engaged. So that brings up the question: what are the keys to employee satisfaction? How do you transform co-workers into brand ambassadors and true Experience STARs? How do you transform managers into EPIC Leaders? By reversing your value chain. Start with the experience you want your customers to have. And then design backward from there to optimal employee behavior, working climate and leadership. Start Reverse to go beyond customer satisfaction!


Tesla: employee engagement research

Organizations known for their great customer experience have one thing in common: their drive to develop employee engagement. Leaders within those organizations inspire their co-workers to be the best they can be. After all, one of the main strategic objectives of experience leaders is (or should be) to build a consistently memorable customer experience. This can only be done by highly engaged and empowered teams.

Tesla is one of the most innovative companies (Forbes). The key drivers of Tesla’s innovation and industry leadership are Tesla’s purpose, exceptional leadership and active engagement of each individual in the organization.

Engagement goes beyond satisfaction. It occurs when co-workers actively connect with the purpose and identity of their organization. Engagement is also fostered by autonomy, growth, and the ability to make a difference. The ability to contribute to the purpose of an organization. Put into metrics, Tesla has found that engaged teams have:

  • 15% more profitability
  • 30% more productivity
  • 12% higher customer engagement
  • 30% less staff turnover
  • 62% fewer safety issues
  • 37% less absenteeism (i.e., calling in sick)

Do you want to (be)come a Customer Experience ‘game-changer’ in your industry? Especially for managers, in-company trainers and independent trainers/facilitators we’ve designed experience based “Train the Trainer” certification programs: Experience STARs and EPIC Leadership. You’ll learn how to boost engagement within your team (or client), leading to engaged co-workers and a memorable customer experience! A ready-to-go Trainer Toolkit (also available in Dutch) is included in both Train the Trainer programs!

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