Having a purpose in (personal and work) life has many benefits. A higher purpose gives you the energy and strength to go outside your comfort zone. It fuels your motivation. Most of the time we focus on how things are done and not on why we are doing them. While working for various hotel chains, I was trained on many ways of working, standards, SOPs (standard operating procedures, often documented in voluminous handbooks). Process was leading, that was the paradigm.

Great attention was also paid to transfer of knowledge, sharing information, and insight in results and other relevant data. ‘Content is king’ was the motto for years. Yet, thanks to information technology, most content has now become accessible for everybody. At the same time, it has become apparent that what you know is less important than what you do with that knowledge, information, or other content. The way you look at a task or job is decisive to a great extent for how you behave and what you achieve.

“Finding your purpose is key, as well as actively living it”.

Who we are, what we stand for and what we care about (our being), determines to a great extent how we act (our doing) and what we need to have in order to achieve our goals (our having). Your customers and/or guests need a measure of honesty and transparency and the Corona Outbreak has made people more aware than ever before of matters like footprint, purpose and relevance.

By actively bringing your purpose to life, you will be more meaningful and build more value for both shareholders and society in a broader perspective. No one knows if or when the new normal will once again resemble the old normal. But what you do between now and then will define your business and will help shape the kind of world we will have when Covid-19 will be just a memory.

“Finding your purpose is key, as well as actively living it”.

Andre Wiringa, Founder and Author of Start Reverse.

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