Last Tuesday, 13 October 2020, Andre Wiringa (Chief and Founder of Start Reverse) was invited as a keynote speaker on the yearly Hospitality Day in Rimini, Italy. He spoke about the severe impact of COVID-19 and how important it is for hotels to create more relevance and to stand out in the crowd.
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In January 2020 the corona virus (and its impact) seemed for most European countries still quite far away. Italy was the first EU country to be hit severely, soon followed by the rest of Europe. The consequences of the lockdown were massive and can still be felt in many industries.

Our Italian partners from Teamwork Hospitality in Rimini found the courage to organize an event – as done many times before – called Hospitality Day. This is a very cool event for mainly Italian hoteliers and other hospitality pros. Ironically this was the first event after the corona outbreak, where hoteliers could meet and mingle live again. It was planned just on the edge of the second corona wave. Great timing it seems, because most likely days (or max weeks) later, this event would not have been authorized anymore by local authorities.

Given the economic impact on Italian hospitality I am very happy for Italian hoteliers that this event wasn’t canceled. New insights and inspiration are desperately needed, after losing millions and millions of room nights so far in 2020. Only last week nearly 300 hotels closed down, because of lack of perspective.

I was asked to speak about REVERSE Thinking, which of course I couldn’t deny. My keynote was labeled ‘SO WHAT’, whereby I suggested to replace the traditional 4 P’s (product, place, price, promotion) by a new set of P’s:

So, what makes you relevant? What makes you stand out in the crowd? Why should guests choose for your hotel?

So, who do you want to attract? For whom are you here and relevant? After all, a hotel for everybody, is a hotel for nobody.

So, what do you promise your guests? And how do you deliver on it? Every day, on every touchpoint?

So, what true value do you create? After all, price only becomes an issue if insufficient value is perceived.

By answering these questions you are starting reverse, laying a solid foundation for 2021 and beyond.

The future of hospitality is hybrid

Becoming more hybrid is a very effective way to grow in relevance. After all, most hotels have many square meters which are underutilized many hours every day. And often many days, weeks or even months per year. Adding functionality to lobbies, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, event spaces, rooftops, etc. turn these into multi-purpose meters, adding relevance and profitability.

In this respect, game changers like Zoku and The Student Hotel (both originated from Amsterdam and now expanding into Europe) are 2 amazing examples how hybrid hospitality even helps cope with the corona crisis.

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It’s going to be a challenging winter.
Nevertheless, stay positive and think REVERSE!

Andre Wiringa
Founder / Chief Reverse Engineer
Start Reverse

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