How to make change stick


Reverse thinkers make change happen and start by designing a blueprint how to make the intended change stick. We suggest starting with a one pager, with two dimensions complementing each other.

Dimension one is about purpose (why), identity (who) as well as essence of delivery (how and what). Dimension two is about intended experiences and what it takes to deliver these, in terms of (staff) behaviors/interactions, stimulating service culture and optimal leadership.

To make change stick, we recommend a 5-phase approach:
1) Dream
In this phase you start by dreaming about the desired future (in the two dimensions described above). The more colleagues you involve in creating such a blueprint, the more engagement you can expect. This generally already is the start of a guiding coalition that will help initiate change.

2) Define
Having the blueprint, you need to face the brutal facts. What is the gap between the desired future and the reality today? And what is your ambition in terms of brand performance and timelines? What are your customers (or guests) experiencing at point of contact? Which reviews are you getting?

3) Design
Given the above ambition, it is time to reverse design the journey to bridge the gap between reality and desired future. Which behaviors need to be trained, which cultural transformation is needed, and which leadership development is required.

4) Direct
The journey itself starts by getting your leaders and main influencers on board of the change. By actively involving and engaging them on one hand, and by training them where needed on the other. At Start Reverse, we strongly believe in EPIC leadership, whereby leaders are Empowering, Purpose-driven, Inspiring and Coaching.

5) Deliver
In the last phase all co-workers will be immersed by your leaders in every element of the blueprint. Your teams need to learn about the blueprint and their specific role in activating this, they then need to love it, before they start living it. Every day, on every touchpoint.

The proof of the pudding of course is in the eating, as always. This is where on-site scans, mystery visits and customer reviews are instrumental to monitor performance and adapt where needed to make change stick.

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Stay positive and think REVERSE!

Andre Wiringa
Founder / Chief Reverse Engineer
Start Reverse

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