Fully energized and living the purpose


I simply love this brand and the amazing teams at Rove Hotels! About 6 years ago we started with a blueprint workshop. With 14 leaders of Rove Hotels and Emaar Hospitality, we then defined purpose (why). Identity (who), as well as the essence of delivery (how and what).

We also defined how we wanted the brand to be experienced in just four keywords, as well as how we ideally saw the team (now called Rovesters interact with the guests (now called Rovers). And in the spirit of Reverse Thinking we also defined the working climate and leadership behaviors that would facilitate the optimal interaction of Rovesters and Rovers.

Six years and seven hotels later I am very proud to see how the team in each hotel is performing. Fully energized and living the purpose of Rove Hotels ‘Exploring without borders’. And as a frequent Rover it is so cool to see that the intended experience is delivered, every day on every touchpoint.

All lights are green for the opening of two new Rove Hotels: Rove Expo 2020 and Rove City Walk. Can’t wait to help give an extra pre-opening brand experience boost soon.

Lots of respect and kudos for Paul Bridger and his amazing leadership team. Setting up each team for success and bringing the dream we had six years ago to live and so much more, by motivating and fully empowering all Roversters to live the Roveprint in their own authentic manner. Exploring without borders lives in every Rovester.

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Stay positive and think REVERSE!

Andre Wiringa
Founder / Chief Reverse Engineer
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