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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at Holland Casino.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:


Emergenetics Profile

Emergenetics is quantifiable and proven. Based on psychometric and neurological research, it measures 4 thinking preferences: analytical (blue), structural (green), social (red) and conceptual (yellow).In addition, it differentiates between 3 behavioral preferences: expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility. Emergenetics helps you and your team to understand yourself and each other and empowers you to interact more effectively and relaxed.

We offer:

  • Individual Emergenetics Profile / Scan
  • Team Emergenetics Profile / Scan
  • Meeting of the Minds Workshop
  • (in company) Emergenetics Training
  • Emergenetics Associate Program (Train-the-trainer / Certification)


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About Holland Casino

On 17 December 1975, the Dutch government officially issued the only casino licence in the country to De Nationale Stichting tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen (the national foundation for exploitation of casino games), or Holland Casino. To this day, Holland Casino is the only gaming provider with a casino licence in the Netherlands.The government deliberately issued only a single casino licence at the time, as it wanted to guarantee that gaming was legal, reliable and verifiable. The objectives of the Dutch government’s gaming policy play a significant role in the granting of this licence.

    Gaming is a part of life.
    We deliver the most exciting gaming experience, always welcoming and engaged.
    We build long-term, personal relationships with our valued guests. Our strategy is based on the five principles outlined below:

1. We make choices bases on our knowledge of our guests
2. We innovate the gaming market
3. We forge partnerships
4. We contribute to a better society
5. We harness the power of entrepreneurship