Project | Mazda Motors

Transform from a leading manufacturer

to a Customer Experience Leader.


People are the experience

Next to amazing car design, the success of Mazda is to a great extent depending on what customers experience at the dealers. Raising the (experience) bar within the dealer community, needed to start with engagement of all dealer principals. To set the best possible example, the Executive Committee of Mazda Motor Europe decided to transform the entire internal organisation across Europe first.

Approach / deliverables

  • Design Experience  Blueprint as compass for CX strategy development & implementation
  • Produce powerful purpose and blueprint videos, visualizing the brand essence and intended brand experience
  • Design transformational leadership journey focused on bringing the blueprint to life
  • Develop leadership community through intensive Leadership Journey & Tracks
  • Cast, train and guide 100+ internal trainers (Mazda Culture Transformers)
  • Immerse and engage 1.500 Mazda Europe co-workers
  • Immerse and activate dealer community on the Mazda Experience Blueprint (15.000+ leaders and co-workers, across Europe)

Transforming customers into fans

  • Sustainable boost in internal engagement (year on year)
  • Increased NPS and ENPS
  • 30% year on year growth in sales


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