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1. The Student Hotel is a fast growing company with various hotels across several countries. They want to increase the motivation to learn and to have the employees be part of the TSH community. Moreover they want to be able to connect with colleagues in different countries with the use of a scalable solution.


1. In the summer of 2017 TSH started with the Growbee program. The blended, playful and engaging learning program of Growbee complimented the challenges TSH faced perfectly. The only cloud-based learning that combines blended learning, community building, and brand activation started in 4 countries with over 600 tailor-made assignments available for a total of 350 employees.


Th first results were visible shortly after Growbee was implemented:

  • 40% of employees activated their account prior to the actual event
  • There was a first initiative for TSH to connect with other locations and share their best practices
  • In the old community 24 messages were posted every week: This changed to 1200 per week using Growbee
  • Higher enthusiasm in the social feed and the learning journeys


Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at The Student Hotel.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:

LEARN MORE Social & Mobile Learning Platform

Mobile technologies are changing the learning landscape. The way people learn has changed almost overnight. Learning has become more blended, fragmented and more pragmatic. Learning also has become more digital, more playful and more engaging! is the only cloud-based learning solution that combines blended learning, community building and brand activation!

Key Features:

  • Activate Brand Experience
  • Optimize Employee Engagement
  • Blended Learning, Mobile First
  • Non-stop Social Learning

InProve Mystery Shopping

Customers expect your brand to be an experience, an emotional journey, that starts with the first telephone conversation, the welcome at the reception or when entering a shop. The customer contact has become as important and as your product itself. But how do you know whether your customers’ experiences meet their expectations and fulfill your defined brand promise? InProve measures the quality of your company’s service based on criteria tailored to your requirements. InProve enables talent improvement and development of your employees. InProve helps you to detect your employees’ potential and entices them to give their best each day!

  • Helps to find and close the gap between brand promise and brand experience.
  • Supports purposeful talent development.
  • Choose from three auditing methods for Mystery Quality Checks: Mystery Checks, Mystery Calls, MICE Sales Cycles.
  • Consulting and trainings can take place on site or via tele-coaching.
  • Our online reporting tool Performatrix offers clear and mobile access to your results and benchmarking.
  • InProve is available worldwide in a variety of languages.


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About The Student Hotel

At The Student Hotel, we are committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities and colourful experiences we believe will change the way we live, work and travel and that redefine our understanding of what makes a ‘student’.


The Student Hotel was founded by Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor in Amsterdam. The company’s roots lay in Scotland where the MacGregor family started building student accommodations for The University of Edinburgh in 1982.


We aim to create the best space where students can find their purpose and change the world. Not just with the well-designed and thought-out rooms, or the many great shared communal facilities. When we think “best space,” we think of a stimulating environment and an exciting global community.What we discovered along the way, is this type of atmosphere really inspires all who encounter it. The Student Hotel is a place where anyone with a student spirit – curious, open, free, adventurous – can thrive.


So we reimagined our hotels as boundary-blurring spaces where students, travellers, mobile professionals, creative nomads, enterprising minds could connect in smart design co-living and co-working spaces. This is now fast becoming Europe’s biggest hybrid accommodation for students and professionals, our Complete Connected Community.


The growth and success of The Student Hotel is the result of strong public-private partnerships with local and international stakeholders. An extensive international network of universities, hospitality partners and start-up communities enables The Student Hotel to help European university cities in attracting and retaining young talent from around the world.Together with city government and property companies, vacant buildings or building plots in regeneration areas are identified and fast-tracked for development. From acquisition, rehabilitation to opening can therefore happen in as little as 12 months. Planning and development are supported by a team of international experts


Our business model provides a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing international community. Our current locations include Rotterdam, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam City, The Hague, Groningen, Eindhoven and Maastricht.In 2017 the Melon District properties in Barcelona and Paris were upgraded with new facilities and services further integrating them into The Student Hotel group.New locations are set to open in Florence, Dresden, and Bologna in 2018; Delft, Madrid and Berlin in 2019; and Vienna, and Rome in 2020. The group plans to have 41 properties in European cities by 2021.


All our locations are built with the same general blueprint in mind: fully-equipped rooms and studios, kitchens (shared or private), flexible co-working space, chill out lounges, libraries, TedTalks booths, ping pong tables, gyms, all-day dining restaurants, designer bikes, laundry facilities, meeting rooms, auditoriums, calendar of events, swimming pools (select locations), shared common facilities and extensive ground floors where people can come together. And the beating heart of each of our hotels: our melting pot, student-for-life community.