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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at Volvo.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:



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About Volvo

Our Mission: Driving prosperity through transport solutions.

The Volvo Group mission: Transport helps combat poverty

  • Modern logistics is a prerequisite for our economic welfare: transport helps combat poverty.
  • We contribute to prosperity and make the world a better place.
  • On the road: our products help ensure that people have food on the table and roads to drive on.
  • In the city: our products are part of the daily life. They take people to work, collect rubbish and generate power. Volvo Group is developing tomorrow’s public transport solutions.
  • Off road: we contribute to the extraction of some of the world’s most important raw materials. Volvo Group’s engines, machines and vehicles can be found at mining and construction sites and in the middle of forests.
  • At sea: whether you are at work on a ship, on holiday in your pleasure boat or need urgent help from the sea rescue services.

Our Vision :To be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world.

The Volvo Group vision:We are in a people business

  • We may do business with other companies, but people make the decisions. Trust and relations are as important as the total offer.
  • Heart is important. We have branded products and services and it is with these and our representatives that our customers form relations.
  • In the end, by bringing together the best of everything from the offer to the relationship – we will become the desired choice.