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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at Welcome Hotels.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:


IFH Performance Academy

Our commitment to Reverse Thinking highlights the passion for hospitality that we want to let shine through in everything that we do. The participants of our trainings are encouraged to change their perspective and to put the positive, desired customer experience at the center of everything they do. By making use of the FISH! Philosophy, we guarantee that participants will leave our trainings, not only with new knowledge, but also with a smile on their face.

  • Open Training Programs
  • Training by Design (in-company training programs)
  • White Label Academy (learning journey in your corporate design)>
  • IFH trainings are available in 6 languages (German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish)


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About Welcome Hotels

Quality, Passion and Great Service

Guest Satisfaction is our aim!

Attention to detail is what counts when it comes to customer satisfaction and Welcome Hotels is known for its fastidious attention to detail. The management views the “Q-Accreditation“ that ServiceQualität Deutschland has awarded to every single one of the group’s seventeen hotels as instrumental when it comes to achieving guest satisfaction across the board and ensuring a continued high level of service. Back in 2012 following intense market research, Welcome Hotels decided to implement Service-Qualität guidelines that aim to improve customer satisfaction and service across the group as a whole. Even long before the awarding of Q-Accreditation, Welcome Hotels was doing everything in its power to face the challenges of a demanding hotel sector and ensuring that each and every hotel gives its guests a true feel of “You are Welcome”.

Passion and Smart Thinking Pave the Road to Succes

We are driven by our passion for our jobs and our fervour to ensure that we give each and every guest a true feeling of “you are welcome”. A warm welcome only comes across as genuine when it comes from the heart. Combine this with a kind, professional and efficient level of service and you have the corporate philosophy that we aspire to live by.

It is important to us that we …

  • provide our guests with consistent high-quality service
  • master even the smallest day-to-day detail
  • continue to train and educate our members of staff
  • continue to choose carefully selected locations for new additions to the group
  • continue to invest in the substance of our current hotels to provide sustained business success to ensure the jobs of our staff and create additional workplaces and of course to earn money.

These are the guiding principles behind our expansion plans within Germany.