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Start With Why


1. Worldhotels unites member hotels from 60 countries and 6 continents, each unique and each with its own history. Worldhotels wants to be “Empowering True Independence“. Their mission is to create visibility and exposure for their members and to empower them to stand out against their competition and positively surprise their customers.

2. Worldhotels is dedicated to offer their hotel portfolio of venues worldwide a comprehensive, global, learning and development solution. The solution should have a special focus on revenue optimization and providing optimal service delivery. At the same time an effort should be made to set the employees of the Worldhotel family up for success, and offer them unique opportunities to develop their skills and competencies.


1. In 2016 Worldhotels initiated the “Start with Why” program, a cooperation with Performance Solutions. Based on our Reverse Thinking and Engineering philosophy, “Start with Why” digs into the DNA of each hotel, to unearth their specific identity and motivation. In workshops the hotels define their WHY and discuss their desired customer experience, the emotions and moments the hotels want their customers to have when staying at their hotel. The WHY, as the title of the program already states, is only the start, however. The hotels also engage in a discussion, which leadership style and employee behaviour can best enhance the defined customer experience. By the end of 2016, 100 member hotels will have taken part in a start workshop and discovered their WHY. In follow-up workshops hotels are furthermore given the opportunity to think even more complexly about the connection between their WHY, their corporate culture and their guest service.

2. IFH Performance Academy developed a learning and development program especially tailored to the company’s mission to ‘Dream, Dare and Do’. The program was focused on offering personal growth for the employees of member hotels, giving them opportunity to grow personally and professionally with a bespoke training curriculum of face to face and eLearning solutions offered in multiple languages across the globe.


1. Only if you know what your brand stands for, you can create an environment that brings your strongest benefits and true ideals to life. “Start with WHY” enables Worldhotels’ members to tell their customers their story and offer experiences that are inspiring and authentic. As the WHY is a brand promise that springs from the honest believes of the hotel executives, its message rings true; an honesty the guests can feel.

2. A curriculum that actively engaged over 2500 delegates per year globally in training initiatives both in direct face to face training as well as in a variety of on-line learning opportunities. A delegate satisfaction rate of over 97% demonstrating the quality and relevance of the program content and the delivery style. Customized training content built solidly around the individual hotel key performance indicators showed positive impact on the hotels internal quality performance scores.


Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at WorldHotels.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:


InProve Mystery Shopping

Customers expect your brand to be an experience, an emotional journey, that starts with the first telephone conversation, the welcome at the reception or when entering a shop. The customer contact has become as important and as your product itself. But how do you know whether your customers’ experiences meet their expectations and fulfill your defined brand promise? InProve measures the quality of your company’s service based on criteria tailored to your requirements. InProve enables talent improvement and development of your employees. InProve helps you to detect your employees’ potential and entices them to give their best each day!

  • Helps to find and close the gap between brand promise and brand experience.
  • Supports purposeful talent development.
  • Choose from three auditing methods for Mystery Quality Checks: Mystery Checks, Mystery Calls, MICE Sales Cycles.
  • Consulting and trainings can take place on site or via tele-coaching.
  • Our online reporting tool Performatrix offers clear and mobile access to your results and benchmarking.
  • InProve is available worldwide in a variety of languages.

IFH Performance Academy

Our commitment to Reverse Thinking highlights the passion for hospitality that we want to let shine through in everything that we do. The participants of our trainings are encouraged to change their perspective and to put the positive, desired customer experience at the center of everything they do. By making use of the FISH! Philosophy, we guarantee that participants will leave our trainings, not only with new knowledge, but also with a smile on their face.

  • Open Training Programs
  • Training by Design (in-company training programs)
  • White Label Academy (learning journey in your corporate design)>
  • IFH trainings are available in 6 languages (German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish)


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About WorldHotels

The global WorldHotels brand brings together 350 of the world’s most unique independent hotels. With 47 years of excellence in the industry, the company’s mission is to provide sales & distribution solution and consultancy to upscale hotels of character and distinction. By reaching over 45 countries and six continents, the group targets savvy business and leisure travellers that seek an authentic and local experience when choosing a hotel.

WorldHotels solutions allow hotels to keep their independency through providing the power of a global brand with a comprehensive range of products and services that include global marketing, sales, training services, quality experience measurements, hotel business consultancy, operational support, e-commerce services and state-of-the-art distribution and technology. WorldHotels loyalty programme, 18 frequent flyer programmes as well the high number of preferred partnerships provide competitive advantage to the independent hotel industry.

WorldHotels is part of Associated Luxury Hotels. As the owner and operator of WorldHotels and Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), Associated Luxury Hotels is a significant, full-service “soft brand” solution which provides an array of Global Sales Organization services with broad-reaching reservations connectivity solutions and a powerful sales and marketing infrastructure.